homemade skin care

If you want to keep your face fresh naturally so in this article most important tips about homemade skin care To maintain the freshness of the face, only make-up or facial is not enough, but to maintain the beauty, it is also necessary to take care of the physical health completely and the daily diet, the mental conditions are the beauty and beauty of all of them. There is a very close connection with that, so where many efforts are made to make the dream look beautiful, there should be a little review of the daily routine.

homemade skin care by Vitamins included in diet

Nutritionists say that vitamins should be used regularly in the diet and vitamins can also be used as daily supplements. different Vitamins help to maintain the beauty of the skin, nails and hair and for example vitamin B is very helpful in keeping your skin and hair healthy and vitamin B2 is essential for maintaining the oiliness of the skin and its balance. In keeping it, the nails also make you strong and the vitamin C that is there helps to increase the amount of oxygen in the skin and vitamin DEFB is necessary to for the health of the body.

Add fresh fruits and vegetables to meat. And the vitamins found in it not only make you healthy, but also make your skin fresher, hair and nails stronger and more beautiful.

Increase consumption of fresh vegetables and seasonal fruits in diet

Fruits and vegetables contain a lot of Phytochemicals that cannot be obtained from supplements. Apart from boosting immunity, it is very powerful in reducing the effects of aging and makes the body feel energetic and youthful

At least eight glasses of water should be drunk daily

One way to keep your skin and body healthy is to drink as much water as you can. If you use too much tea, it causes a lot of dehydration in the body and skin

Consuming unsaturated fats

Fat is very important for the body and skin, but it should be obtained from a good source that does not contain too much cholesterol, i.e. animal fat or saturated fat should not be used in it. Refined fats that are obtained from plants, such as olive oil, car oil, sunflower oil, cooking oil, which is used daily. The quantity of it is very less, it also fulfills the need of fat of the body without adding much weight

homemade skin care by exercise

Daily light exercise or walking increases the blood flow and allows oxygen to be added to the blood, which keeps the body healthy and fit. Do you have to exercise every day in the morning, it is very beneficial for your body and your skin.

Apply sun protection

Ultraviolet rays from the sun are harmful to the skin and hair and cannot be removed in order to protect the skin from wrinkles and freckles. If you are going to take or ride a bike, it is mandatory to use a helmet. But it is mandatory to go out in the sun from 10 am to 3 pm again with precautionary measures

homemade skin care by sleeping

A good night’s sleep helps a lot in improving beauty. Lack of sleep irritates the skin, which makes the skin look dull and ugly, and the area around the eyes becomes puffy and puffy. The freshness is affected due to lack of sleep, the head is in the eyes and sometimes the viewer thinks of the eye drops. You can sleep all night and all day long. Keep sleeping, don’t let the lack of sleep

Smile and enjoy life

And lastly, let me give you a prescription, let me tell you to put your worries out of your mind, ignore all your past moments and failures and be a calm tracker and plan positively for the future. Spending time with friends and family will contribute the most to bringing peace to your life, strength to your body and strength to your face.

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