how to protect eyes from computer screen

Non-computer users blink at least 22 times a minute while computer users only blink 7 times a minute. if you are searching how to protect eyes from computer screen So in this article I will tell you some things that you can do to protect your eyes if you use the computer a lot.

An important information about eyes

Dry eyes along with visual impairment and eye strain are common problems among computer users. Computer users blink less than non-computer users.
(Non-computer users blink at least 22 times a minute while computer users blink only 7 times a minute.)

how to protect eyes from computer screen

Another important thing is the small muscles found in the eyes that control the task of focusing on any object). They work only when they are far from the fixed object. Focusing on a very close object puts these muscles under constant tension.

how to protect eyes from computer screen by Break the eyes

If you use the computer a lot, then you should not do this now. You should give your eyes a break after at least 20 minutes. You should take your eyes away from the computer screen and look at a window or something green. To look away or to look at another object or to look at a natural object You must do so at least after every 20 minutes.

And try when you are working continuously on the computer and your eyes get tired, then you splash your fresh water on your eyes, it will give your eyes a lot of relief and especially when you sleep at night. Splashing fresh water on your eyes will give your eyes a lot of relief

vitamins for eyes

Vitamins are among the needs of the human body, but vitamins A, C and E are key for the health of the eyes. Lack of vitamins can cause some eye diseases such as Cataracts, glaucoma, and age-related macular degeneration (the part at the back of the eye) can lead

Research shows that certain vitamin and mineral supplements can help or slow the development of these diseases.

Vitamin A for eyes

Vitamin A is very important for good vision. Vitamin A is a component of the protein rhodopsin, which helps the eyes to see even in low light. Sweet potatoes, carrots, red bell peppers, pumpkin and squash are good sources of vitamin A.

Vitamin E for eyes

Alpha-to- copherol, a form of vitamin E, has particularly powerful antioxidant properties. antioxidants help fight negative revolutionaries in the body that can damage the proteins inside the eye. can result in cataracts. Vitamin E can be obtained from almonds, sunflower seeds, peanuts, soybeans or soybean oil, corn, canola oil and asparagus.

Vitamin C for eyes

Vitamin C also plays an important role in eye health, protecting it from damage caused by ultraviolet rays. Although the concentration of vitamin C in the eyes decreases with age, this loss can be compensated by a diet rich in vitamin C. Can. ranges or their juice, broccoli, blackberries and grapefruit juice are well- known sources of vitamin C.

And apart from all this, you should give your eyes as much break as possible because eyes are a blessing and no blessing of blessing can be changed. If you are or use imported from Peshawar or you are a freelancer providing fiber pro services and you have to use a computer or laptop then you must contact a physician or doctor so that they can provide you with some kind of solution. Tell me and maybe give you some supplement. Hope you like this informative article. Share it with your loved ones.

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