MacBook pro 2019

Apple released two MacBook Pro models in 2019, a 13-inch and a 16-inch version. Both offered significant upgrades over their 2018 predecessors, making them attractive options for professionals and creative users. So in this article I am going to tell you about MacBook Pro 2019 in complete detail.

MacBook pro 2019 display

display of the MacBook Pro is the 13.inch Retina display with 2560 * 1600 resolution at 227 pixels per inch this MacBook Pro display also supports the p3y color spectrum and this year’s model also includes a true tone display on the entry-level model the display can also get up to 500 nits of brightness personally I am a big fan of Apple displays I think they have some of the best LCD displays in the industry and this MacBook Pro is no exception the
MacBook Pro also comes equipped with some pretty impressive speakers and I think they have a nice loud and well-balanced sound okay so so far we talked about some changes with the entry-level MacBook Pro in terms of its design but on the outside it’s pretty
much exactly the same as the 2017 model where the real changes do
come to this model is in the processor

MacBook pro 2019 battery life

battery life is a mixed bag apple claims you’ll get 10 hours of battery life on their website but I found my usage to be closer to 6 to 8 hours now that can really depend on what you’re using your laptop for so if you’re using it for lighter tasks obviously the battery life will last longer but if you’re using more intensive applications that battery
can degrade pretty quickly so obviously day to day performance with this MacBook Pro is great obviously no slowdowns with simple tasks like web browsing watching video word processing excel files
anything you’re doing like that it’s very simple breezes right through it for more intensive

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Graphics Performance

Pro as for graphical performance the entry-level MacBook Pro comes equipped with Intel iris plus graphics 645 running the Undivine heaven benchmark we were able to get an FPS of 33 frames per second on medium with an overall score of 830 opening up a game like Star craft 2 I was able to play at medium settings with frame rates above 30 frames per second usually hovering around 40 to 45 fps it is an integrated graphics card so you shouldn’t expect super high level performance if you want really high level performance you’re going to have to go with the 15-inch MacBook Pro running some of the mega graphics on there but it is fine if you want to play some games on medium to low settings so when the original entry-level MacBook Pro was introduced it was introduced as a replacement for the MacBook Air and even though it had the MacBook Pro name it just wasn’t up to par with what you should expect with pro performance from an Apple laptop and because of that in the past I’ve had some difficulties recommending the 13-inch MacBook Pro with touch bar because of its extremely high starting price at 1799 dollars as


macbook pro 2019

MacBook Pro also comes equipped with Apple’s brand new Butterfly keyboard we’ve talked about this extensively but I’ll repeat myself one more time so all the butterfly keyboards have had some issues in the past with the third-generation keyboard Apple implemented a system to make the keys quieter but a lot of people speculated
that this system was actually to prevent debris from entering the keyboard apparently that didn’t completely fix the issue so Apple redid the butterfly keyboard again putting two new material
changes into that keyboard that MacBook Pro revision has only been on the market for a couple of months and these new
keyboards have that new butterfly keyboard system now even though Apple says this should fix the stuck or repeating key issue that some MacBook Pro users were facing I personally have never had an issue with any of my laptop so I really can’t speak if this issue is
100% going to fix it and because those laptops haven’t been on the market for that long it’s honestly way too early to tell if these issues have been fully resolved now with that being said if you are worried about picking up this laptop and you’re worried about your keyboard being broken and you having to pay a very expensive repair fee you can rest somewhat assured that Apple is including every single laptop in their keyboard repair program so even these new keyboards if they break within a four year period you can take them to Apple and they will replace them completely free of charge

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