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Doodle for google are the fun creative pictures that you often see when you visit a doodle is a piece of art that uses the letters google Doodles celebrate holidays and important events from history they also recognize special people and their accomplishments usually a team at Google makes these Doodles but once a year google give students just like you a chance to make the doodle in this Lon

doodle for google

doodle for google-how to create

you will create your own Doodle for the Doodle for Google contest the doodle you make should be based on this year’s theme you can use the theme to design your doodle in any way you want you will complete an entry form for the contest the form already has the letters google written out use these letters to guide you while you work on your doodle you can draw your doodle on the entry form a separate sheet of paper or a computer

advices for doodle form

just make sure the artwork is taped to the completed entry form for the Doodle for Google contest you will brainstorm ideas about a doodle based on this year’s theme decide on which materials you like to use create your doodle write a short description of your doodle and get a parent or garden signature before your teacher submits it to submit your doodle make sure you or your teacher parent or Guardian fill out the entry form

completely include your description also call the art statement and get a signature from your parent or Guardian make sure you fill out all of the other info on the entry form as well you can also upload your doodle directly to the doodleforgoogle website or you can mail it to us if you use a separate piece of paper or to digital photo of your artwork please make sure it is ATT attached to your entry form your doodle could win you lots of goodies from Google including a college scholarship your school could also be rewarded with an assembly and cool technology for your school now you might have some questions for your teacher about this contest take some time

what is doodle for google

doodle for google – Additional details

Students can use various mediums for their Doodles, including traditional materials like crayons and clay, as well as digital tools and even mediums like stop-motion videos (for students aged 13 and above).
The contest website visit here provides more information about the rules, entry process, judging criteria, and past winners.

doodle for google prizes

The National Winner gets their Doodle featured on, a $55,000 college scholarship, and $50,000 in tech for their school or non-profit organization.
Five National Finalists receive a $5,000 college scholarship and Google hardware.

Overall, Doodle for Google is a fun and inspiring way for students to express themselves artistically and potentially see their work on a global platform.

If you are also interested in doodle for Google, then you must apply in it, but it is not for all countries, but it is for some specific countries that you can search on Google that this facility is available in your country. Or not and about the rest I will write one more article and try to upload as much information and as many articles as I can on this website to serve my viewers as well as I can. I can provide information about doodle form google and request you next time if you want you can go to my website google next time if you want information about doodle for google 2024 doodle for google i hope you have got some information after reading this article

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