face id not working

Guys Face ID is a feature as soon as you hold your iPhone in front of your face it unlocks your iPhone without any passcode it can also save your time but sometimes it Don’t panic when it suddenly stops working. There are many reasons why Face ID not working. Most of them have many fixes. There are many things mentioned in this article which you can follow to get your Face ID working.

face id not working due to simple reasons

Guys, the first thing you should do is to restart your iPhone once because sometimes Face ID stops working due to minor software glitches and restarting will solve your problem. and Face ID starts working. And after that, make sure that you are running your iPhone on the latest version. If not, then go to the settings of your mobile phone, go to General and check the software update there. If there is a let’s version then update your iPhone to it because old software sometimes causes a lot of problems when running old software and updating the software also solves the problem. It happens

face id not working due to Truth Depth Obstructions

Face ID is located at the top of your iPhone to recognize your face, called the Truth Depth Camera System, and make sure nothing is blocking the camera array, meaning there’s no one on top of it. Don’t get dirt, anything like a screen protector, or even your fingers, anything, or dirt, etc., and make sure your face is unobstructed by a hat, scarf, or big sunglasses. Also check the above reasons why your iPhone can’t decode your face and due to which you are facing these problems.

Facing the Right Way

And let me also tell you that for iPhone models before iPhone 13 and earlier versions of iOS, Face ID only works in quote mode, so make sure that when you face your iPhone. If you do something with the ID or try to unlock it, hold it upright in portrait mode and as soon as you hold it in portrait mode, your Face ID will start working if that’s why it The problem remain

Eye on the Prize

And make sure that your eyes, nose, and mouth are clearly visible for Face ID to correctly identify your face. If the face is covered then the whole case will not work. And you remove all these things from your mouth and if your Face ID is having problem due to this then by doing this your Face ID will start working.

Advanced Techniques

Friends, if some of the settings mentioned above do not work, then reset your Face ID. Resetting means that you go to the previous Face ID and remove it, and then add the new one. Set up as you did the first time. Friends, do you wear glasses, hats, or facial hair, or sometimes change, sometimes something else, sometimes something else, so you can add an alternate look to your Face ID when you set up your new Face ID. Take care of this and you can add check alternatives so you don’t run into the problem again

face id not working

Alternate method

If you’ve tried the settings above and your Face ID still isn’t working, it’s possible that there’s a hardware issue, so it’s best to contact Apple Support or contact Apple Support. For the repair, you should go to a special Apple service center and get it checked. If there is a hardware problem, it will be solved.

Always keep your iPhone updated and avoid dropping your iPhone or exposing it to extreme temperatures as this death can damage the camera system and affect Face ID is not stop working. For reasons

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